My Top 4 Vegan Go-To’s in Philadelphia

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When you think of vegan food, do you think of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania? If not, then maybe you should. VegNews rated Philly as #3 in their top ten vegan cities in America and The Washington Post placed Philly at #6 in their ten best food cities in America.

The bottom line is: Philly knows food.

I’ve been visiting Philly on and off since I lived there for a few months back in 2014, and I thought I’d round up some of my favorite places to chow down in the City of Brotherly Love.


If you’re vegan and haven’t heard of Vedge, it’s time to get out from under that rock. Vedge is the brain child of husband and wife duo Richard Landau and Kate Jacoby. The menu focuses on seasonal, local vegetables cooked to perfection in incredibly creative ways. All of the dishes are excellent, but some of my favorite are the wood roasted carrot, seared maitake mushroom, and the rutabaga fondue. Vegetables never tasted so good.

Blackbird Pizzeria

Blackbird is my go-to when I’m in Philly. All of their pizzas are insane, and I could eat a full pie of each if I had the time and money. A few of my favorites are the Funghi, Spicy BBQ, Cheesesteak, and Brunchbird. But that’s not all, Blackbird also has a full selection of sandwiches to choose from including a vegan cheesesteak and a cuban sandwich. If THAT wasn’t enough, they also have out of this world seitan wings. You choose which sauce from root beer, spicy sweet, or habanero buffalo. I usually go for the habanero and cry tears of joy the entire time.

The Tasty

Let me just say it, I’m from Jersey so I’m kind of a diner snob. The Tasty pretty much meets my diner requirements. Big portions, fast, breakfast all day. They would get full points if they were open 24 hours. The thing that caught my eye with The Tasty was their claim of having a vegan pork roll, egg, and cheese sandwich. I waited a year and a half to try this fateful sandwich and when I finally did, it left me wanting more. The sandwich in itself was delicious. It was packed full of “cheese” and assembled on a perfectly soft roll. But what really had me interested in The Tasty was seeing everyone else’s dishes. Gigantic burritos, sky high stacks of pancakes, french toast, waffle fries. The Tasty is definitely on my list of places to return to…on an empty stomach.

New Harmony Vegetarian Restaurant

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Another Philly go-to for me is New Harmony. If I’m in Philly during the week, this is the place to get lunch. Cheap, delicious, vegan, way too many things to choose from, you just can’t go wrong. I love that you can get all of your favorite Chinese food dishes in their vegan version. The menu highlights mock seafood, chicken, pork, and beef dishes as well as traditional vegetable dishes, soups, and noodles. I hope to make it one day for vegan dim sum and their weekend buffet.

Philly really is a hidden gem, and these restaurants are just a small taste of the vibrant vegan scene. The whole city is packed with culture, history, beauty, and, of course, delicious food! Plan a trip and come with an empty stomach. You’ll need it in order to eat your way through all that Philadelphia has to offer.



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