FREE 20 Minute Phone Consultation

Talk about your goals and how we can achieve them
Discuss what you envision are your biggest challenges in reaching your goals
Understand your learning style and how I can best accommodate you

Phone Coaching

Choose your own desired duration and frequency in 30 minute intervals
Create meal plans, shopping lists, discuss your difficulties, and come up with solutions
Learn about veganism, gain access to my private Facebook group, and figure out how to make the lifestyle work for you

*Personal Grocery Shopping

Grocery shop together and become comfortable navigating your grocery store as a vegan
Discuss what products to buy and which aisles to focus on
Plan for vegan meals based on produce availability and your budget

Prepare a Vegan Meal

Prepare and cook a full vegan meal together (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and/or dessert) *in person in your kitchen OR via live video
Make cooking vegan easy and fun with step by step directions at your own pace
Learn to cook quick weeknight dinners or complex holiday feasts based on your requests

*Kitchen Organization

Optimize your kitchen for vegan meal preparation
Arrange food, dishes, utensils, pots, and pans in a logical manner
Improve the flow of your kitchen to make cooking easier and more enjoyable!


Flat Rate $1/minute: 30 minute minimum by phone, 2 hour minimum in person
Mix and match your preferred services
Email or head to the contact page to schedule your FREE consultation
*In-person coaching in Monmouth County, New Jersey

Why Tina?

Engineering background: detail oriented, results focused, critical thinker, and creative problem solver
Returned Peace Corps Volunteer: expert in being vegan on a budget and in difficult/foreign situations
American Vegan Society Vegan Information Point: wealth of vegan information easily accessible
Personal experience dealing with allergy specific diets: specifically peanut and tree nut free
Professional teaching experience: one-on-one tutoring, group tutoring, classroom teaching, lesson planning, learning styles